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Finally Descent 3 in 3d Vision Nvidia
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Discuss your level designs, ideas for new levels/missions, projects, or just simple visions. Almost everything is welcome here as long as it's at least half-way related to Descent 3.
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TOPIC: Finally Descent 3 in 3d Vision Nvidia
Finally Descent 3 in 3d Vision Nvidia 2017-11-16 19:13, 4 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
Finally Descent 3 in 3d Vision Nvidia, Hooray! Big thanks to Stryker_66, an user of Nvidia 3D Vision forums, here the instructions to tweak the game:

1.) Since Descent can use different renderers, I enabled all three in the Descent 3 setup, but using the D3D Renderer

2.) Download this archive and simply drop DDraw.dll & D3DImm.dll into the Descent 3 directory and download Nvidia Inspector:

3.) I set the game up before I used the dlls and I also deleted the Descent 3 profile using nvidiaProfileInspector.exe. This will unlock convergence.
Go to this link for your resolution settings, there is a command line you can use

4.) Start Descent 3
If after you have launched Descent 3, you get a smaller size screen or with black bars press the button next to backspace (+) on US keyboards, or ( ì ) to zoom in.

5.) You can then Ctrl + T to enable 3D Vision and adjust your depth and convergence. I just played the training mission and everything seems fine. I have not tried any tweaks or mods but will explore that to improve the graphic fidelity. This game is a classic and because of the 3 dimensional space, this game is a great candidate to be played in 3D.

Of course the requirements for 3D Vision are the glasses and a 120-Hz 3d vision ready monitor, or you can use the 3D Vision Discover mode with a pair of Red/Cyan anaglyph glasses if you have a normal Lcd monitor 60-Hz.

Prepare for Descent 3 in 3D yeah!
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