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Home Descent 3 Ressources web pour Descent 3 Forums and discussion boards
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Descent 3 - Ressources web pour Descent 3
Écrit par Thomas   
Samedi, 20 Février 2010 12:38


Despite the wrong assumptions of many gamers nowadays, Descent and the Descent community  is anything but dead.

Here we provide a list of places for online discussions about Descent related  topics.  We tried to list the forums in the order of their importance or official status,  as we think, but opinions and preferences differ, so please take the way we ordered them here only as one way of prioritizing them.

If you want to go through this list of active Descent forums and discussion boards, prepare yourself for a registration orgy. In case you intend to register at some or even all of those sites you're well advised to choose a very unique username. Otherwise you may find out that the very same username has already been taken by someone on one of these sites and that you could end up having to use different nicks. If you intend to use something like "Peter", you'll hardly find a forum where this name is not in use by someone else yet.


Interplay forum

Interplay is the copyright holder of the Descent series of games. This is why their Descent forum is actually the only official Descent community place.

Interplay forum - Descent General Discussion

Interplay forum - Board index



DescentBB is, as far as we can tell, the oldest Descent related community on the net. Although DescentBB is still a heavily frequented discussion board, many links in the sticky topics and announcements are a bit outdated, giving the impression that the site maintainers are not that devoted to the Descent games anymore. This also shows in the trend that the majority of posts appear in groups unrelated to the game.

DescentBB - Community forums



Descentforum.DE is the biggest German apeaking Descent discussion forum, but they also offer an English Embassy/International Descenters Forum. If you post in English in one of the German groups you usually get an English reply.

Descentforum.DE - Foren-Übersicht (forum index)

Descentforum.DE - English Embassy/International Descenters Forum


Planet Descent (.net)

Planet Descent (.net) is the "other" Planet Descent. It was born out of frustration over the problems arising at (and which really has been shut in the meantime). offers modern forum software, with features such as a Gallery and files section that members can upload to and an extended member's profile. is a small but livly community and offers a freindly atmosphere to chat about Descent and other topics, get help, or share projects. is also host to Reactor, a SciFi and Descent Fan Fiction site.



Sectorgame is a site around Hunter's Descent 3 level designs and modding. It contains a massive forum with sections for Descent.

Sectorgame - Forum Index

Sectorgame - Descent

Sectorgame - Descent Modding & Projects



ServerOps is the communication board for Descent 3 server operators. Players can post there to find out why they got kicked/banned.

ServerOps - The Descent 3 Server Boards - Forum Index


Descent Fan Fiction

Descent Fan Fiction is a place where you can share and discuss your "360 degrees of fictional adventures". Or you can just read through the stories others have written and discuss them.

Descent Fan Fiction - Forum Index


Good Old Games

Good Old Games have cheap downloadable versions of the Descent series on sale. They also host a huge store of other old games. When you buy Descent 3 from Good Old Games we suggest that you pay but don't download the game. See Download the full version of Descent 3 for more details. Good Old Games host discussion boards for all the games they offer, including Descent.

Good Old Games - Community

Good Old Games - Descent Series



Levels4You is a big hosting site for game mission files (maps) and discussion boards around them. One of the sections contains Descent 3 levels and Descent 3 related forums.

Levels4You - Descent 3

Levels4You - Descent 3 Forum Index

Levels4You - Descent 3 Online Users



DIII Pro is a project to promote Descent 3. The site is mostly in German, but the bulletin board is open to German and English, as you can tell by the flags next to each forum group.

DIII Pro Bulletin Board



RIP (Rest In Pieces) is a Descent 3 clan, but also play some other games.

RIP - RIP Forums

RIP - Join RIP D3


Esport X

Esport X have a very very tiny Descent 3 section. Posts are welcome in German as well as in English.

Esport X Community Forum Index

Esport X - Descent 3 public Messhall



Neoseeker is a website offering hardware and game reviews. There's also a few small outdated Descent 3 sections.

Neoseeker - Forums

Neoseeker - Descent

Neoseeker - Descent II

Neoseeker - Descent 3: Mercenary Forum



Dateiliste is more of a resource collection for Descent 3. Anyway, there's forums too.

Dateiliste forum


Do you know of any other forums/discussion boards that should be listed here?


Mise à jour le Mardi, 01 Juin 2010 20:42
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