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Home Descent 3 Vortex Vortex slows down the computer
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Home Descent 3 Vortex Vortex slows down the computer
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Vortex slows down the computer Envoyer
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Descent 3 - Vortex
Écrit par Thomas   
Vendredi, 23 Juillet 2010 13:45


When Vortex runs in the background, for example when you joined a server with it, the software still uses some CPU time. Unless you have several cores in your computer, Vortex can slow down the game significantly.

You can join a Descent 3 server with Vortex, then use the Windows Taskmanager to get back to your desktop and close Vortex. After that, you need to click on the Descent 3 icon again to carry on playing. This is the annoying method.

The Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher is a more convenient solution.


1. Start Vortex.



2. Open the server list in Vortex, right-click on the server of your choice, and copy its D3://IP:PORT to the Windows clipboard.



3. Start the Direct IP Launcher and paste the copied IP:Port link into the server entry field (where it says "Server address as...").



4. Close Vortex.



5. Click on Launch in the Direct IP Launcher.



Now you can enjoy your Descent 3 game without Vortex consuming CPU time in the background. You can change the settings in the configuration window of Descent 3 before clicking on Launch in the Direct IP Launcher. Start Descent 3 first, apply your preferred settings, then close it again.




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Vortex slows down the computer
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