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Home Blogs Fixing traffic lights
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Écrit par Thomas   
Mercredi, 01 Mai 2013 06:54

Fixing traffic lights

In case you didn't know until now how traffic lights can be repaired here's a video that briefly introduces a new method.

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I passed by in a taxi.

This man stood on top of the roof of a lorry to repair a traffic light. It is unknown if he succeeded in his attempt but watching the scene alone without knowledge about its end is entertaining enough.



The video is available in Quicktime format too.



Mise à jour le Mercredi, 01 Mai 2013 07:33
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Fixing traffic lights
May 20 2013 07:40:19
That man has probably asked himself a million times: "what could possibly go wrong?"
Re: Fixing traffic lights
May 15 2013 22:21:25
You think they might be afraid that the roof gets damaged?
Fixing traffic lights
May 14 2013 23:31:51
Here in the USA; OSHA would have had this man hanged by his... you know what...