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Written by Thomas   
Friday, 20 November 2009 09:58


Becoming a member of the Dateiliste team is very easy.Default avatar

Fill out the registration form and wait for the confirmation email, which is sent to the email address you provide. You then need to click on the link in this email to confirm that your email address is valid.

The confirmation email our automatic registration process sends out often ends up in spam folders. Please make sure you check your spam folders before trying to register again.



Last Updated on Friday, 19 February 2010 22:54
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Re: Becoming a member
Sep 20 2014 03:05:12
alexi wrote:
(Thomas, is here the distribution limited to D3 only ?)
Our installer only contains D3 for simplicity but I believe to remember that Mzero has uploaded the D1 and D2 files somewhere.
If necessary, we can find them.
Re: Becoming a member
Sep 18 2014 00:33:02
About D1 and D2.

1) Install it some way. Either directly or using Dosbox or a virtual machine or a real but old machine.
You may skip this step, if someone will give you a pack of already installed game.
(Thomas, is here the distribution limited to D3 only ?)

2) Add there a pack of the mostly recent DXX-Rebirth - it is D1X-Rebirth or D2X-Rebirth.
There also exists D2X-XL, but I only was using a game editor of it.

Note that only two files "DESCENT.HOG" and "DESCENT.PIG" from the game installation (of D1 v1.5) are necessary to play D1 with any of modern engines.
Re: Becoming a member
Sep 17 2014 15:10:44
Hi Joshgai,

Sorry for the late reply. I believe you already found out what to do, right?

Is it working?
Becoming a member
Sep 16 2014 02:10:32
Hello Thomas,
Like many before me, I enjoyed D1,2&3 on my old PC many years ago. I would like to play it on my current desktop (W7 os). I have the discs but not the registration. What can I do?