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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Anti cheating options
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Anti cheating options
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 21:16


D3Server 3 supports a few anti-cheat options. This name may actually be a bit misleading, because in reality the software only contains some options to block IP addresses/ranges and pilot nicknames.




The blocked IP addresses or ranges are handled by the Descent 3 server in a file called "hosts.deny" in the folder "netgames".

Auto update hosts.deny downloads and updates a version of this file from Descentforum every 12 hours and when D3Server3 is started. You can add IP addresses or entire IP address ranges to this file yourself. In that case you should untick Remove previous netgames\host.deny entries on update, otherwise your custom entries will be overwritten whenever the file is updated from Descentforum. The default is to remove the previous entries to avoid that you have outdated entries in your hosts.deny file.

When Remove previous netgames\host.deny entries on update is unticked, no IP addresses or ranges will be removed from your local copy. If you're not carefull and maintain the file yourself properly you could end up blocking the entire internet from your servers at some point. Smile

Auto update URI lets you enter or change the internet address from where the entries for the file hosts.deny should be downloaded during the update process. The default URI is an address at Descentforum which is maintained by Do_Checkor and some other server operators.

In case you've changed the Auto update URI to anything else than the default, you can always reset it to its default address at Descentforum by clicking on the button Reset URI. This button changes the address back to (the default).

Note that unchecking Auto update hosts.deny does not stop your servers from using the file with the blocked IP addresses/ranges (hosts.deny). In order to prevent the dedicated Descent 3 servers from using the hosts.deny file, you need to delete it. The Delete button on the top right does exactly this. It deletes the file hosts.deny in the netgames folder.


The other option to block specific pilots from your servers is to ban them on a per nickname basis. Tick Auto update disallowed nicknames to download a centrally maintained list of player nicknames who have been bullying in one server or another. You can also maintain your own list.


The list is automatically downloaded when D3Server3 starts up. After that, the software updates the list every 12 hours.

Remove previous entries on update empties your local copy of the list first before adding the downloaded nicknames. This is the default setting to avoid that you still ban pilots who behave better in the meantime and subsequently have been removed from the global ban list.

Auto update URI lets you enter a file on the internet, which contains a list with disallowed pilot nicknames. If you don't change this URI, the list is downloaded from Descentforum. It is maintained by Do_Checkor and a group of server operators. The default internet address (URI) is

In case you you've changed this URI to something else already, you can revert to its default address by clicking on the button Reset URI.

Disallow hacked player nicknames automatically bans (kicks) pilot names that contain non-printable characters like spaces and tabulators or carriage returns.

Disallow nicknames with less than n characters does exactly what it says. It doesn't allow pilot nicknames with less then the specified amount of characters. Enter your preferred value in the entry field for the minimum number of letters or digits pilot names must have in order to play in your server(s).

To ban/disallow a new pilot name (nickname), enter it where it says New nickname to add, then click on Add nickname. You can use an asterisk character (*) as a wildcard at the end of the name. Note that the asterisk wildcard is only supported at the end of a nickname, not in the middle or at the front.

To remove one or more pilot names from the disallowed list, select one or more nicknames from the list on the left. You can select/deselect multiple names by holding the CTRL key down while clicking on a name. Then press the button Remove nickname. This will remove the pilot name(s) from your banned list.

To empty your list with disallowed nicknames, left-click on the first entry in the list. Use the scrollbar to scroll down to the end of the list. Select the nickname at the bottom whith a left mouse click while holding the SHIFT key down. This selects all pilot names from the first to the last one. Click on Remove nickname to delete the selected pilot  from the list with disallowed nicknames. Make sure you also untick Auto update disallowed nicknames. If you leave that checked, you'll get the list back when it is downloaded automatically later.



Last Updated on Friday, 30 July 2010 08:27
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