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Home Descent 3 Playing Descent 3 online Providing Download Links For Hosted Missions
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Providing Download Links For Hosted Missions E-mail
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Descent 3 - Playing Descent 3 online
Written by Thomas   
Sunday, 16 November 2008 17:32
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Providing Download Links For Hosted Missions
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I know I've done it before myself. I hosted game servers where the missions didn't have working download links for other players to join conveniently. I believe that was more or less down to the fact that I didn't know that it's so easy to avoid and fix it.

Let's go through the following scenario: You're a player willing to play an online game. You start Vortex, and there's an anarchy mission running called "Derelict Stadium". In Vortex it looks like this:

Mission Not Installed

The red entry already indicates that you don't have this mission file installed on your computer. A right mouse click on that running game brings up a nice looking window like this:

Download Location Broken

Ah, the link is... "Broken". Good.

Of course, almost every player knows in the meantime from where to get that mission. It will take him between 5 and 20 minutes to get that file from the public missions directories.

Anyway, it would take the player willing to join that mission less than a minute if the server hoster had spent 5 or 10 minutes preparing his server properly.

You need some server hosting space in order to provide a download link for the mission you're running. Unfortunately, the hosting request form at Planetdescent goes into nowhere, but you can get the level hosted at Have a look at this thread (in German only). If you drop Do_Checkor a line I'm sure he'll put the mission on his server for you. I'm going to use this site here to store the level file.

Download the Descent 3 Mission Browser and start it.

Roth 513 In The Mission Browser

You can now go through all URLs in the mission file and visit them by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of the window. If the download link is working your browser should suggest to download the zip file. Any link that's not working will come up with a 404 error or something similar (mostly advertisements etc).

URL Link Tests In Roth 513

In case of roth513.mn3 none of the links in the mission is working, they are all broken. Let's set up at least one that'll work later. I will simply put the file here:


Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 09:48
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