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Written by Wazz the snow fox   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 06:01


A fittingly bizzare end to a very bizzare day:

This is all true. And it all happened to me today:

My day started with a GetUpEarly moment, which is odd enough in itself. The morning went okay. My GetOnTheBus moment was about 20 minutes late. I got to the St Boniface Hospital for volunteer work (flower delivery today), and then had a OopsConstructionSiteMustUseOtherDoors moment , followed by a ConversationWithFellowMusician moment which lasted uncommonly long.  Next was my ForgetMyMealCoupon moment and having to double back since I was so hungry.

I went up to the cafetaria and had a BuyLotsOfFood moment. Then I went to the flower delivery room and, after eating, left to try and have my TakePicturesOfTheRedRiver moment. After walking to the river with my camera and getting it in just the right position to take the photos, I had a CameraRunsOutOfPowerAndTurnsOff moment which was very annoying, as I didn't get a chance to actually take the pictures.

But it was when I gave up trying to get the camera to turn back on and went back to the hospital that things got really wierd. I had a DeliverFlowersToTheSixthFloor moment, and the deliver-ee hadn't signed in yet so the next thing was PoliteConversationWithTheNurseAtTheDeskStationThingy. This ended with me leaving the flowers at the desk so that the nurse could deliver them.

While I was waiting for the elevators there was this BlaringAnnoyingAlarm. After I reached the first floor and asked some hospital staff what all the noise was about I had this OhCrapThisHospitalIsOnFire moment, but since I was planning to take a break outside at that very moment the fire was more of a solution than a problem. It was funny to think that all the smokers in front of the firefighter's entrance would have
to move, then think how ironic it was that people always smoked in front of the firefighter's entrance.

I listened to some music in a quiet corner of Tache (pronounced TASH-ay) avenue as the firefighters put out the fire. When I went back inside I had a DeliverFlowersToTheSameFloorAsTheFire moment, which was cool because I wanted to see for myself what had happened (though I didn't get to see). On my way to the elevators I saw some AmericansWhoSeemedToHaveMistakenTheHospitalForTheirHotelJudgingByTheNumberOfBagsTheyHad. I thought about making a joke about HowTheFireMadeThisAWarmPlaceInThisColdCity, but I figured I would look like an impolite, insensitive idiot so I didn't make the joke. Was fun to think about it though.

I had no more deliveries today, but several more long conversations.

When I got home I had several bizzare games of Descent 3, including playing against someone who I hadn't played before but who I talk to a lot on PD.

Umm... not much of an ending but I really don't have anything else to say.

The End.

-Wazz the snow fox


P.S. To add a little something onto here, I just read this again and had a I'mGladIHaveAPermanentRecordOfThatDaySoI'llNeverEverForgetIt moment.  I love having bizzare experiences (though I'm never ever going to take drugs, real life is good enough).

I'm adding a song of the day section at the end of each of my blog posts, here's today's.

Song of the day: Kaizerwolf - Ancient Aquatic Temple:

Last Updated on Friday, 18 March 2011 02:47
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My Day in MegaWords
Mar 05 2012 20:31:20
After school today we went to a gas station that had a gas pump that keeps spitting out paper and went to the Jetties to find a new bathroom that's for "Hybrid" People. Then we came back home. The rest of the day was a good day.
My Day in MegaWords
Feb 05 2012 21:20:52
I had fine days and I had odd days. I'll talk about these stories later. Today seems ok, still feel a little agitated. >:|