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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 files section Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 files section
Written by Thomas   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 19:00


Inside Descent 3, on the Muliplayer page, you can enter an IP address and a port number to join running game servers.

The game does not support IP names, only addresses. It further does not allow copy and paste, forcing you to write down the data and then enter it manually.

This is where the Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher comes in handy.


Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher


Place the exe file in your Descent 3 folder and start it, or place it somewhere else, create a shortcut to it and make sure that the "Start In" field points to your Descent 3 main folder (usually C:\Games\Descent3 or similar).


The Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher provides the following features:

  • "Copy and paste" for the IP address/port.
  • Name resolution for servers. This means you can also enter a server's name instead of its IP address.
  • Support for "d3://" links.
  • Handles Descent 3, Pyromania, and Black Pyro Justice, if installed.
  • Uses Descent 3's standard UDP port 2092 when no port has been given.
  • Uses the game settings from the Descent 3 launcher. No need for creating or editing batch files anymore.


Quick guide:
  1. Copy the IP address/port pair from somewhere. You can use your browser's "Copy Link Location" function for this.
  2. Start the Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher.
  3. Paste the copied server address into the appropriate field.
  4. Choose the Descent 3 mod. In most cases, you may want to leave "Descent 3", but if it's for example a Pyromania server, you have to make the right choice now.
  5. Press enter or click the Launch button to join the server.


The article Vortex slows down the computer shows how the Direct IP Launcher can be used together with Vortex.



If you have a server running on the same machine on port 2093, you can simply type in "localhost:2093". This saves you using the tracker or Vortex. Note that you cannot join your own server if it is running on the default port 2092. That's because this is Descent 3's standard port, and you get an error "TCP/IP not installed" when trying to join that game.

You can enter server names instead of IP addresses. For instance, use "" instead of "".

The Direct IP Launcher strips off "d3://" links, if they are found, resulting in possible entries like "d3://" as well. The software corrects those entries accordingly.

As mentioned above, read Vortex slows down the computer for a "real life" example.


Release notes

2010-02-28: Version 1.0.3 now additionally accepts the information passed on to it as a command line parameter. The command line parameter takes precedence over the server address/port pair read from the registry.

2009-08-16: Version 1.0.2 fixes another issue with the standard UDP port 2092. The Direct IP Launcher used the previously entered IP address in version 1.0.1 instead of the one entered.

2009-08-05: Version 1.0.1 fixes an issue with Descent 3 when no port is given. The game should default to the UDP port 2092, but refuses to do so. The Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher now adds ":2092" automatically, if no port number has been provided.


Download IPlauncher.exe (0.63 MiB = 650.1 KiB = 665,743 bytes)

Download (0.37 MiB = 377.8 KiB = 386,829 bytes)



Last Updated on Monday, 17 January 2011 01:46
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