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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool
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D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Monday, 22 March 2010 10:06


D3Server3 is a small and very efficient tool to manage and host Descent 3 dedicated servers. Written in C and C++ using the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) it consists of more than 80 classes and almost 80 000 lines of code. The software is open source. See the images below and read the feature list for more details.




D3Server3's main window


Feature list:

  • Support for an unlimited number of dedicated Descent 3 servers.
  • Optional automatic server port selection.
  • Support for selective servers; other servers shut down when one server is played.
  • Detection of invalid player nicknames that contain "%" characters; the players are automatically kicked from the server.
  • Detection of players who try to crash a server by fast observer on/off switching; they get kicked from the server automatically.
  • Support for disallowing players with too short nicknames.
  • Improved and fast Descent 3 mission info loading (only the first launch will take some time).
  • Dynamic respawn times according to the number of players in a server.
  • Improved internal data handling to reduce loading times.
  • Automatic software update function.
  • Automatic update of hosts.deny entries and banned nicknames.
  • Recovering of servers at program start.
  • Optional automatic server start at start-up.
  • Scheduled server starts and stops.
  • Detects server crashes and restarts servers automatically.
  • Option to find orphaned D3 server processes and terminate them automatically.
  • Improved reliable PXO downtime guard (user, game and irc server).
  • Optional automatic switch from PXO to TCP/IP mode on PXO downtimes.
  • True level looping to stay in the same level in a mission pack.
  • Random level selection at server start.
  • Detection of hacked player nicknames and option to kick those players from the server.
  • Support for a nickname list to ban players by name.
  • Option to start servers minimized.
  • Option to show/hide/minimize server windows.
  • Support for the Pyromania mod.
  • Support for all multiplayer settings and configuration types.
  • Weapons and powerups selection/deselection.
  • Support for the upcoming Descent 3 v1.5 patch (will it ever come??).
  • Support for automatic execution of remote console commands at each mission/level start.
  • Support for logging player names and IP addresses.
  • Support for logging remote console outputs.
  • Extensive logging options for the server tool.
  • Open and monitor logfiles.
  • Built-in support for different game trackers (PXO, Kali,, Gamespy, Tsetsefly).
  • Import of existing server configurations.
  • Online help for every configuration option that can be changed via the user interface. Many additioinal options can be adjusted by editing an ini file.
  • Tooltips; stay with the mouse over an input field or button for a few seconds and read what it is for.
  • The program minimizes to an icon in the taskbar or optionally to the Windows icontray.
  • Automatic mission objects extraction to prevent server crashes at level end.
  • Important settings are stored in an ini file for easy editing with an external text editor.
  • Complete documentation of all ini file entries available online.
  • Can run as a Windows service (no need for a user to be logged on).
  • Server events; can run batch files or programs when a server starts up, a player joins, etc; these can for instance be used to upload statistics data or send out emails when a server is started.
  • Includes an FTP client to automatically upload and process statistics data.
  • Supports more than one instance of D3 and the server tool on one computer.
  • Recognises RestWinIcons and other third-party extensions.
  • Contains a profanity filter/monitor for bad language. The tool can be configured to automatically warn, kick or ban players on profanity usage.
  • Smart hosts.deny file. This allows players with banned IPs to join but get kicked instantly.
  • Fixes outdated mission download links on the fly.
  • Performs name service lookups on IP addresses.
  • Copy information about dedicated Descent 3 servers to the Windows clipboard, like process ID and UDP port number.
  • Copy information about players to the Windows clipboard, like player name, IP address, and IP name (hostname).
  • Open a browser window with a 'whois' on players' IP addresses.
  • Includes a dedicated server control panel. You can select console commands and execute them. It supports the extended commands for Anticheat.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use installation program but can also be installed manually (for the purists). However, manual installation is not recommended anymore.
  • The installer can optionally create the required exception entries for the Windows firewall.
  • Minimum requirement is Windows 2000 with service pack 3 (Windows NT 4.0 support has been dropped in February 2014); supports all newer Windows client and server verstions.
  • It's very small and consumes practically no cpu time.
  • Displays CPU usage of the tool itself as well as of dedicated Descent 3 servers.


Read the release notes for all recent changes and capabilities of D3Server3.



Last Updated on Sunday, 12 October 2014 05:54
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Discuss (4 posts)
D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool
Nov 24 2013 16:13:52
I had to change the value of the amount of source code lines. The software now consists of almost 60 000 lines.
Re: D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool
Apr 08 2011 16:54:12
That's in fact a very old version.

What happens if you turn ZoneAlarm off? I don't know this software good enough to help you terminate it.

You can also just download the latest version and overwrite your current one with it.
Re: D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool
Apr 08 2011 03:14:44
tring to get server to auto update, it always says- error: failed to received file
update file download failed

using zonealarm and it doesnt say anything about it.
i have ver. 3.0.34 im sure theres a newer version by now.
thanks, Crash_X
D3Server3 - Dedicated Descent 3 server tool
Apr 04 2011 23:03:16
this is the server we use on a 1.5 P4 with 512 ram. has been doing us good for about 2 years now.