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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 Dateien Descent 3 Game Tracker Publisher
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 Dateien
Geschrieben von: Thomas   
Mittwoch, 01. Juli 2009 um 21:03 Uhr


The Descent 3 Game Tracker Publisher is a small and handy application to create and edit the file Gamespy.cfg. This file tells Descent 3 what game trackers to contact and publish when hosting in-game servers.

You can easily select the server's location (region) and choose at what game services your server should be made public so that other players will be able to find it.




To make the game trackers aware of your servers, tick "Publish games on the selected game services (trackers) below" and press the "Apply" or "Ok" button. You can also select the location of your server, if you like. These locations (regions) as well as the file Gamespy.cfg itself are described in Descent 3's manual on page 60.


If you don't want to publish your server(s) on all trackers, unselect the ones you don't like. It is, however, recommended that you tick all of them to receive as much attention as possible. Players on Kali, for instance, who are looking for running games, would not see your server if you deselected the Kali game tracker. Descent 3 does not inform game services you haven't opted for. The more game tracking services your servers have notified the more audience you will attract.


If you are behind a network router, TPublisher cannot configure that for you. Have a look at Hosting Descent 3 game servers for some basic understanding and what you need to do in that case.


The software can also not help much, if you're hosting dedicated servers with the Servertool. The Servertool creates the Gamespy.cfg files it uses on the fly, and one for each server. TPublisher is not required for this.


The most common use for TPublisher is most likely in-game servers. Usually, you configure your Gamespy.cfg file once, and then never touch it again once you know it's working. Only if you decide not to publish a server (maybe a very confidential one), you may want to launch TPublisher to disable the trackers. After you finished testing your secret level, you can turn on all tracker notifications again with a mouse click.


To install the software, download the zip file and drop its contents in Descent 3's root directory. This is the folder where the file main.exe resides.

Download (0.33 MiB = 335.8 KiB = 343,871 bytes)


The zip file contains two files:

Download TPublisher.exe (0.57 MiB = 585.3 KiB = 599,373 bytes)

Download TPublisher.bmp (0.08 MiB = 86.9 KiB = 89,014 bytes)

The bitmap file is not necessarily required to run TPublisher, but without it the software's main window doesn't contain the image as shown in the above screenshots.

It is important that the files are placed in Descent 3's main folder. Otherwise, the game cannot find the Gamespy.cfg file TPublisher creates (and that would render the whole idea useless).


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