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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated Server-Tool für Windows Powerup Options
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated Server-Tool für Windows Powerup Options
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated Server-Tool für Windows
Geschrieben von: NUMBERZero   
Samstag, 03. Oktober 2009 um 21:18 Uhr


Powerup Options.

Powerup options allows you to swtch different powerups into the Allowed and Disallowed boxes. Allowed powerups will show up in the game and disallowed powerups will not. A simple concept.



D3Server3 Powerup Options - A good setup for anarchy type games. This is by the way the default when you add a new server.



D3Server3 Powerup Options - A good setup for co-operative games. The screenshot is from an older version of D3Server3.


ALWAYS allow powerups in the Others catagory. This contains key powerups such as keys to doors, and flags for CTF games. When playing a co-operative game, if you don't have the Builder's Icon to place in it's designated spot, you're dead.


The Powerups catagory contains misc. powerups such as Afterburner cooler, quad laser, Gunboy, Cloak, etc. It is a good idea to allow everything, although the countermeasure powerups may cause a problem. They may make the game lag. Although it is pretty funny when you fill up a room with 100 Gunboys. Be warned, they will actively attack bots and other players. You can leave countermeasures if you want.


The Secondary weapons catagory contains, you guessed it, SECONDARY WEAPONS! Your missiles. Allow or disallow what ever you chose. Black Shark missiles are a bit annoying in co-op games since they will suck in other players. Plus pilots think it is also pretty cheap in ragular Anarchy games. It's a good idea to turn that off.

(Tip from Zero: Guided missiles are disallowed by default. I find that a bit strange. People say that they are not really that useful. I say they do an excellent job when attacking, well, just about anything, including players! Just let one fly, and when you have the target lined up in your sights, press the secondary fire button again to let it actively home. They are slow, but they will track their targets to no end. It's a good way to put pressure on a human opponent since they will have to dodge your fire and fly around the missle. Chances are that they will slide into the missle to avoid your fire. One more thing: Some single-player levels require the guided missile to hit switches in impossible to reach places. Good idea to have them on hand. But if you do find it annoying when you have a full load of useful frags in a cramped level and you stumble upon a guided and it automatically switches, decrease it's priority level in the options menu.)


Primary weapons catagory contains the primary weapons. There is no need to turn off any of the primaries, except the omega in Multiplayer fight games. There is a bug that can happen at random where the attacker can kill, say a Magnum with 200 shields, in ABSOLUTELY NO TIME FLAT. Plus the trade off of energy for shields is extremely bad. You're not likely to kill that Magnum with 200 shields any time soon (if the bug does not occur).


The rapidfire powerup causes player kicks for cheating when the server is running Supersheep's anti cheat software, which is the case for most public anarchy type game servers. According to Grendel, this happens when the server and the client run at different speeds and the rapidfire goes off while a weapon fire is still on its way. Rapidfire is disallowed by default. Do not allow it in servers running the anti-cheat software.

You can allow the rapidfire powerup when hosting private anarchy type games without anti cheat.



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