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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 online spielen SOD - Descent 3 server on demand
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SOD - Descent 3 server on demand E-Mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 online spielen
Geschrieben von: Thomas   
Montag, 17. Juni 2013 um 03:23 Uhr


D3_DFnet_SODDescentforum's server on demand (SOD) for everyone.

It's never been so easy to host a Descent 3 dedicated server. You don't even need your own machine for this anymore.

Do_Checkor's server on demand (SOD) is now available for non-DF members too. DF stands for DescentForum.


Select the mission you'd like to host, the game type, the amount of players, how many teams etc, then start the dedicated server. Define a message of the day (MOD) that shows up when players join and pick the weapons and powerups allowed.




You can also decide whether the server should be private or public. Private dedicated servers don't show up on the game trackers. You can copy the IP:port pair into the Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher.

Descent 3 Direct IP Launcher


Once started, the SOD displays a download link to the mission in case you haven't got it installed in your computer yet.

Only one server can be running at a time. Without being played dedicated Descent 3 servers started with the server on demand shut down automatically after 10 minutes.

In order to host servers with the SOD you still need an account. You'll get the account from Do_Checkor.

How to reach Do_Checkor? That's easy too. Send him a PM, either here on Dateiliste or on Descentforum. You can also contact him via email (checkor at

At the moment this temporary account is valid too: Use Dateiliste as the username and the same (Dateiliste) as password (see below).


Here's the link to the SOD:




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SOD - Descent 3 server on demand
Jun 17 2013 12:31:18
For a limited time you can also use the login name and password "Dateiliste" (both the same) to get an impression how the system works. Also: Vortex users who got the D3:// links associated (Settings --> Behavior --> Associate D3-Launch-Links on websites) can directy join the server from the page after launch.

Please beware: Only launch MODs which are really compatible to the Mission! If you are not sure, test with your local D3 first. Thanks!